Most of us decide to transition for 6 months, 1 year or more before we cut our relaxed ends.

Having gone through this stage, we know that it is not always obvious and can sometimes be very frustrating.

In order to help you through this period, here are 3 essential tips:

Let go of your hair straighteners, curling irons or anything else which has heat!

Usually, if you decide to go natural, it’s probably because you think that your hair is too thin or dry, or that is breaks too much, or simply because you want to discover or rediscover the true nature of your hair and take care of it.

So, in order to get off on a good start, let go of all heat sources. Instead, turn to flexirods or hair curlers to create a beautiful curly Afro for example.


If you really want to straighten your hair, we advise you to do it at the very most 3 times a year … Unless you want to end up with completely burnt hair and no way to get your cute little curls back (sadly I am speaking from experience



Treat the dividing line between your relaxed and natural hair as if it were the apple of your eye

Yes, your read right: “the apple of your eye”

Okay, this may be a bit of a stretch, but still: you must be very delicate when you handle your hair.

This dividing line is very fragile and if you comb your hair rigorously you risk breaking your hair at that level or worse, break your natural hair at the same time…

So it is essential to

  • have hydrated hair (article coming soon)
  • comb your hair from the ends to the roots
  • apply haircare products once a week (article coming soon)
  • let your hair dry in the open air


Handle your hair as little as possible

To avoid breakage, it is better to favour protective hairstyles during the week.

  • Tying your hair


  • Hair clips

Just braid your hair before going to sleep, undo the braids in the morning and then add clips which have a texture as similar as possible to your own hair’s.

You do not even need to comb your lengths, just comb the roots to get more volume…

  • Braids

Of course, what else?!

It’s the perfect protective hairstyle because you can easily continue to moisturize your hair daily, use haircare products and keep your scalp clear and clean!

It is a very good alternative, IF you respect these golden rules:

  1. Do not over-tighten your hair
  2. Do not braid the baby hairs
  3. And keep the braids on for 1 month and a half, at the very most 2 months
  • Faux locs

Same type of maintenance as the braids.

  • Cornrows

Unlike braids, we recommend keeping them on for maximum 2-3 weeks.

Well you will see for yourself that it is not possible to keep them longer anyway…

  • Crochet Braids

This is one of the most fashionable protective hairstyles of the moment. Depending on the quality of the hair you bought, you can keep them on for between 1 and a half month and 2 months.

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